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A Tough Man!
Once again she lay at his feet, Chocked in one way, enjoying the fight against him in in another. 

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Having beaten Graham T Lawson so convincingly Hank Wilkins was now put up to fight one of the ladies who box in the male division: Adrienne Taylor, a female boxer with a superb record. Hank's thought was that she just going to be the next rung on the ladder for him to step on, another victim on his record. Hank and his trainer Phill study Adrienne's fights on DVD and together they put together a strategy that would help him destroy her.

Hank trained hard, not only sparring but also lots of weight training to further improve his strength. His trainer told him not to become over muscled and instead, concentrate on improving his stamina. He told him that his opponent, Adrienne, was obviously resilient, unbeaten and therefore had never suffered a KO. He told him to be prepared for a long fight and one in which Hank might suffer. Hank trained harder determine not be beaten by a woman!

On the day before the fight Hank did some light training, varying from sparring to working the heavy bag as well as general light exercise. It was time for his final discussion with Phill. about her weakness, how will Hank beat her?

“Well, it will be tough.* His trainer told him, "You can beat her but it will be tough. She is an excellent female boxer, strong and difficult to fight”

“So her weakness, what’s her weakness?”

“Three things to remember. First, the longer the fight goes the more she may tire and the more you are likely to win. That is why I insisted on you improving your stamina. The second is she can be made to lose her temper and then she may get careless. The third: she’s a dirty fighter.”

“May get careless?” Hank asked.

“Yes." Phill replied,  "When she is annoyed she tries to KO her opponent, sometimes trying too hard and gets careless, leaving herself open for a counter attack”

“And how do I make her lose her temper?” Hank immediately asked.

“You’ve got to insult her and fight dirty yourself – those are the best ways” Phill told him. Hank nodded and smiled confidently.

It was before the weigh-in, Hank hadn’t changed yet and Hank looked out of one of the windows to the road below. Hank saw a black limousine come to a halt. The driver walked round to open the back door for its passenger. Hank saw a stunning black Amazon appeared in full as she stood.  She was wearing a figure hugging golden brown dress on a powerful body!!! Her dress was short too, revealing a tantalising view of her shapely legs in sheer nylons as she walked in her shiny black stilettos. His mouth slowly dropped open and his dick quickly stiffened inside his trousers as Hank gazed, almost mesmerised, at this  woman.

“What are you doing?” Phill asked and told him, “It’s time to get ready for the weigh-in”. Hank changed his clothing to wear sheer golden tan pantyhose and his white cape before going to the weighing area.

At the weight in; Hank ignored his opponent, his back to her stroking his 10” prick to a an erection. Hank turned, removed his cape and walked confidently to the scales. Hank smiled confidently when his weight of 171.2 lbs was announced. Hank turned away while his opponent was weighed. Hank realised that she did have a weight advantage at her weight of 187.9 lbs.

They meet face to face, her nipples on her firm breasts touching his chest, his erected dick prodding her lower abdomen. Hank stare at her perfectly made up face.  Hank can smell her sweet perfume when the black Amazon smile and tell him “I'm gonna kill you!”.  

Hank tell himself in his mind, I am a male, the superior sex. Hank must take her down in the fight, show her I am the better boxer. Hank slam his tightly balled right fist into her left tit! Phill was right, that made her angry as she snarl “You gonna pray for mercy!” and slap his hard member. Hank laugh and tell her “You just want my dick.  When I have knock you out cold, you will get your wish.” Their trainers and the officials force them apart.

Hank stand in the opposite corner to the Amazon. His dick pointing at her, stretching his sheer golden tan tights. The white boxing gloves and white boxing boots complete his outfit. Hank look across at the Black Amazon Adrianne in her sheer black tights, her black gloves and shiny black boots. She look incredible. Hank wonder if she chose black knowing Hank find that so rough. His mind is confused. Hank want to win and it is not only a physical win but also a  sexually one, There is no doubt about that. He couldn´t help it!. His cock been i a severe rock hard mode close to explode as it was covered by the thin fabric.  This was comment by the audience…

The referee calls them to the centre of the ring and tells them,
“Now listen carefully. Do as Hank tell you at all times. This is a scheduled 10 round match with the usual rules . Good luck to you both and may the best fighter win”

The ref shouted:
They met mid-rings and clash it out during the crowds noise. Adrianne attack hard, Hank retired during the exchange of hard punches: Seventeen seconds into the fight she threw a wild right towards his head. Hank ducked and smashed his right into her stomach. A quick left jab hit her face and then Hank threw his favourite right hook. It clattered into her jaw and put her down on her ass!

The crowd were as stunned as she. The male boxer has knocked the favoured female fighter down only seconds into their fight! The referee pointed Hank towards a neutral corner but before Hank turned away Hank winked at her and told her,
“Stay down there bitch if you don’t want to be hurt and humiliated”  
As the ref ushered him to a corner Hank saw the annoyed Adrienne punch the canvas in anger. Hank turned to face her as Hank neared a corner. She had already stood, before the ref got to 8!

The crowd cheered loudly as she moved towards him intent on finishing him off but Hank knew she hadn’t had chance to recover properly. Hank stood his ground to trade punches with her again and this time Hank had the better of the exchanges forcing her back to the ropes. She dodged one way then the other trying to get off the ropes but she was slower now and Hank launched his favourite right hook again! Once more it clattered into her jaw quickly followed by a left to her chin. Adrienne was stunned, confused, didn’t want to go down and succeed to to grab him in a clinch. Hank could not stop it. He react directly as she jerk him off, his cum splattering through the meshes of his tights onto her powerful nylon clad thighs, but he didn’t get weak

Hank stepped back and sent a right uppercut up between her tits and hit her chin. Her  head was sent way back over the ropes. Hank hit her with two lefts and a right hook as she fell towards him. She was almost out! Hank pushed her back against the ropes. She started falling, her back slipping down the ropes. A hard left hit her forehead, her arms now dropped by her side. Hank put everything Hank had into a thudding right that hit her high on the side of her head. Adrienne tumbled int the ropes and was thrown down onto her back. She was out cold" Hank knew it, it was a winning KO!

The ref told him to go to a neutral corner but Hank couldn’t move. Hank looked out of the ring. Most of the females didn’t look pleased that Adrienne had gone down but most of the guys loved it. Many were wanking, jerking themselves off. Hank heard the ref shout:


The guys in the crowd roared in approval. Hank moved to the prone female fighter’s left side as she lay still on the mat still out cold. Hank placed his right foot on her left breast and raised his gloves to cheers from the crowd. Sure enough Adrienne was out for around a minute, Hank looked down at Adrienne, her eyes flickered open and she focused on the dominant male stood above her, his cock not as hard as before but still attractive, cum dripped off it onto her right breast.

“You are a loser Woman! Hank told her! I want you showered and wearing white pantyhose. And I want those black tights as a souvenir. Got that?”

Adrienne nodded meekly before she was able on wobbly legs to join him in the centre of the ring. The crowd were chanting his name as Hank told Adrienne to kneel and kiss his dick. She grabbed his dick hard in her right hand, glared at him and said,
“I want a rematch!”
”Just suck my white Cock, Black Bitch!” Hank replied
The defeated Adrienne knelt and start kissing his hard cock during the crowds roar. Hank arch his back moaning, his left glove is on her head, holding it in place. His cock finally inside of her mouth, throbbing and dripping.

The crowd cheers and murmer is a distant sound, Hank can only see and hear Adrianne as she make muffled noises as she take his cock-
"Fuck yea, boxing princess....ohh.." -Hank mutter as he begin to move his hips, fucking her mouth, his right glove also comes down holding her head.

Hank shove his cock deep in the black Adrianne's throat when he cum. Adrianne fell back and Hank holding his arms high for the crowd, The strong and victorious White Man plant his foot at the soundly defeated Black Woman  

Some minutes later Adrianne comes out from her dressing room after washing off her face, putting on the figure hugging golden brown dress, and have put the white pantyhose on. She still looked glassy eyed , showing up a beaten face and a mouse under her left eye, she had a swollen lip, giving her a smirk smile.

Scorned by the crowd after her humiliating quick loss she went across to Hank and handed her black tights to him after a submissive congratulatory kiss!

This was the Black Amazon Adrianne Taylor’s first defeat. Hank Wilkins is the absolute superior and stand with Adrianne's tights as a trophy revealing another lovely big boxing erection.
Hank vs Adrienne
Noring between a white man vs a black woman
13 Seconds Match

Hanging on the ropes the humiliated girl give up after just 13 seconds of boxing.



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